Buy your own donuts.

We can do a heck of a lot more than bring you donuts and football tickets. We can create new business and measure it. We can amaze and delight your clients.  We can reduce aggravation and a whole lot more.  Here’s how.

We get you more clients

Marketing is different from sales and it doesn’t just happen before a buyer or seller signs a contract. This is from a 2016 study by J.D. Power:

“Satisfaction is significantly higher when buyers are kept informed at all key contact points vs. when they are not (879 vs. 797, respectively). However, satisfaction declines when a buyer is contacted more than twice per day.”

There are over 2 million active real estate licensees in the US: you’re in a very competitive field.  “Satisfied customers” just doesn’t cut it anymore, you need raving fans. The growth of your real estate practice is disproportionately based on how your clients feel after settlement. Raving fans grow from how buyers and sellers feel during and after.

After the agreement of sale is signed, there is an opportunity to increase engagement and capture momentum that’s far greater than time spent on leads and internet shoppers. We develop tools and systems for Realtors to grow their practice, run those systems for them and measure the results. We don’t give you free postcards and brochures. We execute tactical and measurable responsive content, email campaigns and even web remarketing. We can further engage buyers and sellers in your pipeline, know when they’re shopping around, recapture them and create more opportunities.

We make sure your clients are jumping up and down with excitement and we measure what that’s worth to you. We’re talking agency-level measured results.

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We’re fanatical

From the time the commitment is issued, you’ll always know who you need to talk to about your transaction and never get lost in the ‘it’s-not-my-job’ shuffle. You have a true concierge to guide and coordinate every party involved and access always seconds away.  

100% Real-time transparency

An ‘open kitchen’ real estate transaction. Watch us move through the process in real-time. All of your real estate transactions – current, and past.  View, upload and download every document we have.