I’ve found my house. We’ve agreed on a price. Now what?

Maybe you’re buying a house from your parents. Or from a friend.Maybe You’ve looked online for months and walked into more stranger’s bedrooms than you ever cared to. A million pictures, a hundred front doors, a few dozen lunches in the passenger seat with your Realtor, a few weird people on Craigslist and you’ve finally found it!

You’ve agreed on a price with the seller and the general terms. Now what do you do?

Shopping for a property is hopefully fun, getting from here to closing is often confusing. But it doesn’t have to be.

Most people have no idea what ‘title’ is and even fewer know the work that’s actually done, how it affects your transaction or why it’s important.

While our finished product is a guarantee that you’re free from legal encumbrance or debt when you buy something you can’t really see, most of our time in a transaction is spent communicating, coordinating and managing every party involved.

Title is the fulcrum point of a real estate transaction.

Maybe you have no idea what you need or what your options are and you need someone to explain it to you.

We’re real estate acquisition experts and buyers’ advocates. Without a Realtor involved, you may just want a purchase agreement, want us to create your deed or want us to handle everything and simply sign on the dotted line.

If you do have a Realtor, know that when we actually meet for settlement, that’s the easy part. How much aggravation you do or don’t experience from the time your contract is signed until you move in is a direct result of the ‘title’ process.   

Contact us to help understand what you need to complete your real estate transaction and feel great about it.

I have a buyer. Now what?

If you’re selling your property – by owner especially – holding your breath and hoping the buyer knows what they’re doing isn’t the best plan. It doesn’t matter whose responsibility it is, getting closed and getting paid is your problem. And because the property is yours and you have the most at stake, it’s best to be educated, to have control and to know it’s going to get done right.

We’re specialists in FSBO and residential real estate acquisitions and transactions. Once the buyer and seller have met, we’re the next step.

ZERO commissions, LOW costs, FAST turnaround.