Commercial transactions

We know our way around entities and LP arrangements, lenders and loan documents, attorneys for sellers, buyers and lenders, 1031 exchanges, easement and deed restriction review, subdivision, complex escrow agreements and due diligence, and anything else that may be involved.

If you don’t know what you’re doing and need experienced help, or if you do know what you’re doing and need a title and transaction team that can keep up and deliver, commercial transactions are a strong specialty for the Transfer team.

Active investors

Fix, flip, wholesale, rehab, new-construction.  Often active investor transactions have distressed sellers, debt, assignments, multiple parties and many other challenges that can create complications.

We’ve found that many traditional title companies don’t manage this well or simply don’t do it at all.

We’ve successfully managed and closed thousands of these transactions and have hundreds of active investors that are part of our client family.  We’re not just a title company, we’re an all-in solution to managing the hairy legal, title and settlement process and actually closing deals instead of killing them.