Time is money

You know this like no one else.

Public records. Credit. Distressed property owners. Code violations. Building permits. Proposed development. Delinquency. Vacancy. Trends over time. Utility usage. Utility Liens. Tax appeals. Mortgages. Zoning and usage. Civil Lawsuits. Municipal Liens.

Searching from one city website to another for your clients just isn’t fun. We’re bringing as much relevant information to you in one place with more and more available all the time.

Salt and pepper experience

Like George Clooney and that Dos Equis guy.

No one wants to work with order takers. Order takers cost you time, money and can’t anticipate what’s around the corner. We have twelve years in business and thousands of transactions like your clients’ on our odometer and we’re just finding our stride.

Don’t just ask us… see for yourself

Sync is your own title company in a box.

All of your real estate transactions, current and past.  You can view, upload and download every document we have and watch as we update the status of every transaction in real-time.