Once upon a time, title was a profitable side business for attorneys. Things sure have changed, haven’t they?

Title underwriters have raised minimums and standards of practice. Working with lenders now means creating closing disclosures (CDs) and communicating with various lender portals. Managing a paperless system is a requirement but not nearly enough to compete. E-recording. Virtual notary closings. Disclosure timing. Fundamental regulations changes have taken place three times in the past eight years. Disappearing forms such as HUD and TIL. Higher accountability standards from lenders.

If this isn’t the focus of your business, it’s gotten much more expensive to operate and difficult to keep up. We work with attorneys so that you can continue to capture title business and continue to profit from it, without drowning in all of the newer challenges.

We offer services on a flat-fee, a-la-carte basis; everything from ordering and compiling search data to the time-consuming title clearance, CD preparation, settlement, disbursement, e-recording, and policy issuance.

We can also partner with you and manage your entire affiliated entity or we can simply handle the business on behalf of your clients and make you look good.