We’re a title company. We’re a resource. We’re trusted experts in all things involving real estate transactions. We’re due diligence. We’re on the front line of information. We’re developers of the most effective process to manage real estate transactions.

In 2005, we began delivering real estate transaction management, escrow, and title services.

As we’ve observed, learned, and built our team, we’ve understood that while we have many functions, it’s our focus to be valuable to everyone we touch in every transaction.

The four critical elements to our success are:

1) Process
Across the industry, title clearance is often a very inconsistent and disorganized process. That’s the part that’s slowing down your settlements and you may not even know it. We’ve built a library of data, applied with logic in intelligent ways to get the complicated legal and title answers consistently and fast. Ours is a process for clearing legal and title issues like none we’ve ever seen before.

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2) Communication

Communication and setting expectations well are the keys to success in almost anything. You’ll never hear ‘that’s not my department’ or not know who to talk to or where to go for information. Our portal SYNC gives you direct access 24/7.

3) Client Experience
We’re hyper-focused on the experience of our clients and everyone that we touch in a transaction. Different clients can have vastly different needs, and our internal processes are all built around how the client experiences us.

4) Technology
Technology for the sake of it and just to be relevant can lead to confusion and useless tools. We’ve seen this. We do a lot of listening to our clients before developing any new tools, and we aim to continue to bridge the gap between data and action for lead generation and due diligence in real estate.