We help title companies and attorneys deliver the best closing and real estate transaction experience in the industry and increase profits.

We help Affiliated Title Companies (ABAs) operate more profitably than ever thought possible and with far more reliability.


We find that the biggest bottleneck in delivering clean title and getting to settlement is the curative work, or title clearance.

The title commitment and search is a list of the problems to be cured, but it doesn’t help you with solutions to those problems. Many title companies waste a lot of time looking up rules, scrambling for contacts to clear an item, reorienting themselves with clearance work that’s already been done.

We’ve approached title clearance as data science and developed processes and tools to enable us to do clearance and curative work better, faster, and cheaper than most. Instead of keeping this competitive advantage to ourselves, we’ve focused on helping title companies.

Your title software is built primarily to help you organize your list of problems, not deliver you answers for solutions.

We’ve built tools to bring answers to title clearance directly to the fingertips of a title company. So you can clear title faster and with less time, money, and effort.

Title Companies

We find the biggest bottleneck in delivering clean title and getting to settlement is the curative work, or title clearance. It’s not uniform and very difficult to build a standardized, repeatable process around. Clearing mortgages, judgments, and liens is about data and logic. It’s complicated data and there’s a lot of it – but using technology to build a data model that can teach itself and improve enables us to deliver massively faster, better, and cheaper than any manual title clearance or than even the most experienced people.

We can help you offer the most relevant operating technology, live client portal, title clearance intelligence, data, and tools to operate your title agency more efficiently and profitably than even the biggest industry players. Massively increasing efficiency and lowering your cost per transaction makes a big difference in your profit and time spent per transaction.

If you’re serious about delivering the best turn times, lowest costs and capturing and competing for large-scale business, contact us and learn more.

Broker-Owner ABAs

Affiliated Title Companies (ABA) often don’t see themselves as actively competing for the business and as a result, they’re not run very efficiently. Service suffers, agents suffer, and buyers and sellers suffer. Complaints about AfBA’s run very high in the industry. Usually, these affiliations aren’t capturing as much business as they could be and profitability isn’t nearly what it should be.

Running a title company is complex business with real expenses, technical knowledge and expertise needed to be truly successful. We help broker-owners and other ABA partners operate affiliate title companies with several options.

  • 100% ownership by the broker/owner – that means 100% of profits and 100% control
  • Flat fee for services such as clearance, escrow/disbursement, recording/policy

If your goal is to make money with your affiliated title company, choose an operating partner that will actually do that.


Once upon a time, title was a profitable side business for attorneys. Things sure have changed.

Title underwriters have raised minimums and standards of practice. Working with lenders now means creating Closing Disclosures (CDs) and communicating with various lender portals. Managing a paperless system is a requirement but not nearly enough to compete. E-recording. Virtual notary closings. Fundamental regulations changes have taken place three times in the past eight years. Disappearing forms such as HUD and TIL. Higher accountability standards from lenders.

If this isn’t the focus of your business, it’s gotten much more expensive to operate and difficult to keep up. We work with attorneys so that you can continue to capture title business and continue to profit from it, without drowning in all of the newer challenges.

We can complete parts of the transaction for you – such as title clearance, recording, policy, or escrow services – choose one or more. We can partner with you and manage your entire affiliated entity, or we can simply handle the business on behalf of your clients and make you look great.