While our business is people, our product is most definitely process.

There are many, many moving parts involved in a real estate transaction: legal, title, settlement, escrow, clearance, document recording, disbursement of funds, tracking, lender documents, and guarantees just to name some of them.

Title companies often wade through lists, tasks, and documents to manage the arduous process of clearing judgments, liens, mortgages, and title history. The title commitment and search document is simply a list of title curative problems, not a guide to solving those problems.

How do we solve problems?

When it comes to clearing title or curing judgments, liens, mortgages, and ownership issues, there isn’t a strong established process in the industry. Curative title issues exist on virtually every land parcel in the US, and each title company scrambles to cure them in subjective ways. No process means very different results every time, and often frustration from everyone on the receiving end of the transaction.

This keeps us up at night. We hate this, so we’ve changed it.

We’ve built a logic and data library more extensive than any known in the industry. This means that when an issue such as a judgment, lien, divorce, estate, corporate seller, chain of title problem, tax or any number of others arise, we have instant and automated access to its solution. Problems are solved before you know they’re problems and the time from title search to settlement is reduced by days and often weeks. The effect is clarity and incredible speed.