While our business is people, our product is most definitely process.

There are many, many moving parts involved in a real estate transaction: legal, title, settlement, escrow, clearance, document recording, disbursement of funds, tracking, lender documents, and guarantees just to name some of them.

Our ability to execute very efficient processes directly results in transactions that feel organized, coordinated, and timely. Your life feels easy, your business feels fun.

We’ve studied and experienced and tried just about every version of workflow configuration possible.

Having a consistent process with checks and balances that has room to customize for different client needs is a big challenge.

The effect is an experience in which you, as a client or party to a transaction, will always feel like you know what’s going on, either through our portal SYNC or by reaching out to your concierge. Clearance matters and obstacles to settlements get ‘game plans’ and we attack them, instead of waiting for them to attack us.