Have you ever dealt with a small business that goes out of their way to make you think they’re a large company?

Confusing automated phone attendants that don’t lead to a person, slow email response times, fancy corporate names and titles?

We’ve never understood that, and we work to do the exact opposite: manage large volumes of transactions for lenders, agents, brokers, and investors while making sure that our clients always feel like they know who’s on the other end of the line.

Everything we do at Transfer starts from the perspective of client experience. We’ve built everything bottom to top through the eyes of our clients and parties to real estate transactions. One of the most fun challenges in business to us has been building fast and efficient processes while our clients still feel like they’re home.

Concierge in our title operations means you work with one primary person throughout your transaction. We don’t shift you from department to department. You always know exactly who to talk to.

Sometimes legal and title matters can be challenging, and there are many elements out of our control. We’re never afraid to give you bad news, we’d rather anticipate problems before they arrive and jump in front of them. We thrive on mapping a challenge to a game plan with options, backups, and backups for the backups.

We know what it feels like to hear someone say ‘that’s not my department,’ and we hate elevator hold Muzak.

While tools like our portal SYNC keep everyone involved in every transaction up to speed with our progress and communication, and our integration with lender and originator software helps tremendously, voice-to-voice contact is often key.

Communication and setting expectations is how we succeed, and it’s our mission that you feel a true concierge experience every time.