Title Commitments are Terrible

Title commitments read like 1980’s stereo instructions. If you’re a title expert, the commitment tells a story about the seller, the property and what you need to do to be clear for settlement. If you’re not a title expert, the commitment is great when you’ve had too much coffee and can’t get to sleep.

No matter who you are, it’s not an effective document to track your activity, manage a transaction and share with others what’s happening and what you’re up to.

When working to clear and cure all title issues and communicate with our title company clients as well as realtors, buyers, sellers, agents, lenders, and attorneys, we use a grading system and data visualization. Understanding what we’ve done, what we haven’t done and what needs to be done is instant and crystal clear. You can literally watch your transaction travel from order through settlement like standing in that glass hallway and watching your car get clean at the car wash.

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Your Entire Pipeline

We bring you simple tools to help you visualize your entire pipeline at one glance. You’ll understand how fast you can schedule settlement or how much work needs to be done without digging or reading.

Clearance and Curative

Clearing and curing title issues are the choke point of every transaction. It’s costly and time-consuming. Most of your holdup and frustration is usually a result of inefficiencies and lack of answers and solutions in title clearance. We use proprietary technology to clear and cure title for you at a fraction of your current cost and incredibly fast.

We’ve approached title clearance with database logic and artificial intelligence. This means that when an issue such as a judgment, lien, divorce, estate, corporate seller, chain of title problem, tax or any number of others arise, we have instant and automated access to its solution. Problems are solved before you know they’re problems and the time from title search to settlement is reduced by days and often weeks.