Since 2005, we’ve delivered real estate transaction management, escrow, and title services.

Through our experience in managing real estate transactions, we’ve innovated solutions to broken systems in the industry. In 2018, we began sharing those systems with the title industry to improve the way real estate transactions are handled by everyone, not just us. Our clients are mortgage originators, realtors, lenders,  and buyers.

We deliver products and services to help you manage and close real estate transactions much more effectively and increase profits for originators and realtors.

We’re not blue-haired ladies thumbing through files in the basement of a courthouse, and we don’t throw around buzzwords and useless technology. We actually deliver simple ways to close real estate, clear title issues, manage settlements, and understand complicated and critical information. So it works for you … not for us.

We’re fanatical about your experience with us.

Businesses measure performance in different ways: revenue, profit, growth, new sales. Our primary focus is one thing: fanatical, over-the-top service.

We’re dead serious.

This is the one metric that we measure and care about most, we know that if we do this, everything else will come together. If you’ve been to our offices, you’ve seen the sign: “What have you done that’s over the top today?” We share these with each other daily, and everyone is responsible for bringing their ‘over-the-top’ stories to weekly team meetings, when we vote on a winner.

That’s how we measure our success, not by how lucky we get but rather by how hard and effectively we work for every single person we touch.