While ‘title’ is an important foundation of what we do, our purpose is to make information more accessible and useful in real estate for everyone we touch.

We’re experts in data from public records and hundreds of other sources: mining it, interpreting it, understanding it and using it effectively. This is the exact same data that can deliver insight not just on how to avoid risk but to discover new business and more effective ways of doing business.

We deliver products, tools, and services to help you find real estate, understand, evaluate, plan, manage, acquire, close and profit.

We’re not blue-haired ladies thumbing through files in the basement of a courthouse, and we don’t throw around buzz words and useless technology. We actually deliver simple ways to close real estate, find real estate, use public record tools and take action on information. The way it works for you… not for us.

We’re fanatical about your experience with us.

Businesses measure performance in different ways: revenue, profit, growth, new sales. We only focus on one thing: fanatical, over-the-top service.

We’re dead serious.

This is the only metric that we measure and care about and if you’ve been to our offices, you’ve seen the sign: What have you done that’s over the top today? We share these with each other daily, and everyone is responsible for bringing their ‘over-the-top’ stories to weekly team meetings, when we vote on a winner.

That’s how we measure our success; not by how lucky we get but rather by how hard and effectively we work for every single person we touch.