Vista Abstract Rebrands as Transfer: Real Estate Intelligence

Philadelphia, PA – April 24, 2017 – Vista Abstract, a Pennsylvania-based title agency in business for twelve years and operating in five states, has rebranded as Transfer: Real Estate Intelligence. The rebrand doesn’t only mean a name change for the company; it also includes a new domain and the simultaneous release of new and unique technology applications.

Matt Einheber, founder of Vista Abstract in 2005, now Transfer, said: “We care about building a business that offers value to people. Title is core to what we do, and we’re also experts at real estate transactions and real estate data. Most of the value that we offer our clients is far wider than just a title insurance policy.”

In 2015, Matt developed Brixsy, an application for the real estate investment community that reframed public record data to better evaluate opportunity, not just insure risk. An evolution of that is what he’s calling Real Estate IQ, a GIS/map-based platform that enables users to filter property in Philadelphia only, by attributes such as property type, zoning, size, value and more.

“The information that Real Estate IQ delivers at this point is certainly not magical and not a secret. We find that data only is hard to use without visual tools to help get insight,” says Einheber. “There are hundreds, maybe thousands of relevant data points that can tell you a story, and we think that there are very few ways to extract that value easily from behavioral data.” He continues: “We’re going to give it away at no cost and plan to add more features and data fairly quickly so that people can hopefully gain insight like nowhere else.”

Investment in real estate technology as a sector fell sharply in 2016 after several years of steady and large growth industry-wide, and it is largely held that segments of real estate are still far behind the growth curve when it comes to technology.

Public record data has been historically difficult to tame, though more and more cities in the US have taken on versions of open data projects and more transparency seems to be a trend. Philadelphia, in particular, has taken an initiative to be open and transparent with their data, partially with hopes that private industry will find the highest and best use and deliver returns for the community at large.

It’s rare to see a company come from the title sector of real estate with technology that has potential farther reaching applications than simply title or settlement services. Title insurance companies have an interesting vantage point between raw data and the transactions themselves, operating a service business that most don’t understand.

The rebranded Vista Abstract to Transfer has more applications available for its title and transaction clients, including a portal called SYNC to offer its own transparency throughout the real estate contract and settlement process.

Transfer: Real Estate Intelligence & Title can be found at