September, 28 2017

Sell. Build. Repeat.

I’ve started a few businesses in my life across many different industries and more than one in real estate – ...

September, 15 2017

Home Quality In The Wave Of Small-Scale Developers

The other day, I found myself at a private apartment complex watching NFL Football at the pool bar (why is ...

August, 15 2017

San Francisco, mansion-lined street sold for $90K. Yes, the entire street.

$14 Unpaid Tax Bill Leads to Insane Opportunity I love stories like this. This is an amazing example of how having ...

August, 07 2017

Too Much Tech?!

Real Solutions vs. Manufactured Problems Sometimes it feels like there are so many new apps coming at me all the time, ...

July, 27 2017

The 3-Part Roadmap to Real Estate Success

Buying and investing in real estate successfully is similar to buying and investing in the equities market successfully: There are ...

June, 28 2017

SYNC: 21st Century Title Transactions

Communication. That’s our business. Whether you’re a buyer’s agent, listing agent, attorney, lender, buyer, or seller. If you’ve been involved in ...

Marijuana Trade - Transfer
May, 23 2017

Drug Dealers Disrupted

There might be a really big, new problem for the pot industry. Many people know about one big problem since day ...

title insurance company
May, 08 2017

We’re All Grown Up

Ninety years ago, The Pennsylvania Railroad was the largest publically traded company in the world. Their expenses were larger than the ...

May, 03 2017

Vista Abstract Rebrands as Transfer: Real Estate Intelligence

Philadelphia, PA – April 24, 2017 – Vista Abstract, a Pennsylvania-based title agency in business for twelve years and operating ...

Transfer - Title Insurance
April, 14 2017

Let’s Kill ‘Title Insurance’

I make a decision about everything that I pay for. At some point, I either want it or I realize ...

Transfer - real estate deal
March, 18 2017

There’s a Huge Real Estate Deal Right Under Your Nose

Yesterday an attorney and I discussed a real estate deal where his client is wholesaling a property to make $1.25M. ...