TitleBox Gives Title Agents Free Access to Underwriter Alerts

TitleBox, a new company offering solutions for real estate title agents and real estate attorneys, has released free access to a database of alerts from multiple title underwriters. (Read the original press release here.)

Emails are the primary way underwriters communicate with agents about subjects that range from legislative updates and administrative bulletins to high-risk issues like specific warnings about people or property.

TitleBox contends that emailing doesn’t solve the agent’s problem of actually avoiding these risks and that in large scale, agents aren’t taking action.

“Underwriters are warning agents about Joe Smith or 123 Main Street by sending these emails, and I’ve spoken with so many agents that have no system to make sure that’s really happening. It’s hard to organize and not practical to check every new order against every email you’ve received, accurately and without taking a ton of time. Most agents just aren’t doing it,” said Matt Einheber, founder of TitleBox.

Their solution is to compile alerts from multiple underwriters across the country and house them in a database where title agents can look them up for free. They call this the UWAL, or Underwriter Alert List. Information auto-fills as you type, so agents can quickly check the risk of new orders without slowing down.

When asked why and how TitleBox can give this away for free, Einheber said, “Our goal is to help title agents run their businesses better, faster and less costly. This is one of those simple things that can have huge consequences for agents and we felt as many people should have access to this as possible, it’s too important. We have no plans to charge money for the UWAL.”

This is the first offering from TitleBox, which plans to release significant title clearing and curative tools for agents and attorneys by early summer 2019.