Public records. Maps. Life events. Credit. Distressed property owners. Code violations. Building permits. Proposed development. Delinquency. Vacancy. Trends over time. Utility usage. Utility Liens. Tax appeals. Mortgages. Zoning and usage. Civil Lawsuits. Municipal Liens. Who’s buying. Who’s selling. What it’s worth. What it costs. How much do they want? How much do they need?

Intelligence needed to take action lives within raw data, but it can be difficult to gain insight from simply raw data. There’s a huge gap between having data and understanding what to do with it and how to make it work for you.   

Buying assets at the right price is the dominant factor in growth and profit in real estate. Finding real estate assets to buy at the right price can be extremely competitive, and most that are successful at it develop a system.  

Whether it’s vacant industrial property, absentee owners, divorcing couples, tax delinquencies, pre-pre-foreclosure, code violations; or if you just like a certain neighborhood and property type.

Data exists for everything, value is in being able to actually find what you’re looking for. Our goal is to turn data from hundreds of sources into clear stories to help everyone involved in trading real estate to take action.

Information that tells you a story is intelligence. Understanding what that story means is insight.

Real Estate IQ is a fluid, growing project and we want your input as we build. So please use it, criticize it, compliment it and talk to us.   

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