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Exam and clearance: We will deliver this file ‘clear-to-close’. This means we will gather evidence to clear and insure items in schedule B-1 such as judgments, liens, mortgages, estates, entity sellers, bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce, taxes and chain of title issues. Evidence may include payoffs, satisfactions, releases or other evidence of risk mitigation. We have great tools at our disposal but often we need your cooperation and cooperation from buyers, borrowers, sellers, agents, attorneys and others to complete this work. The more information you provide us the earlier in this process, the faster and better we can do our job. If you have a 1003, agreement of sale, borrower’s authorization, social security numbers and dates of birth for the parties, it will absolutely speed the process and make it easier for us to deliver. Once we’ve cleared this file and marked the status as ‘Pending’, our work here is done and you will be billed for services. You’re the insurer, so it’s always up to you to decide if you want to acccept or reject the evidence we’ve provided.

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CD/HUD prep: Send us the lender’s instructions and any other fees or charges from all parties and we will prepare the appropriate settlement statement and deliver it to you. Once you approve, our work here is done.

Settlement: Communicate the time and place of settlement and we will schedule a qualified closer and notary to complete settlement. After settlement, the closer will send the settlement package of documents to you.

Disbursement We will provide CPL and wire instructions. Secure disbursement services are offered through Safe Escrow, a PCN Network Service. Terms and conditions of Safe Escrow and PCN Network apply.

Recording services are exclusively for transactions in which we also handle ‘Exam and Clearance”. If we are not conducting your settlement and don’t have original documents, you must forward these to us with recording fees. We will record and track documents (electronically or manually) and return proof and recorded docs to you.

Policy services are exclusively for transactions in which we also handle ‘Exam and Clearance”.

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It’s important for us at Transfer Real Estate Intelligence to explain how our process works, what we do and how we communicate to deliver you faster cleared transactions. We work behind the scenes to find and deliver evidence of insurability for defects or issues that arise on your title search and commitment. This includes ordering and delivering payoffs, satisfactions, letters of indemnity, releases or other satisfactory evidence to insure for things like liens, judgments, mortgages, estates, bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce, taxes and chain of title issues. Ultimately, you as the title insurance agent makes the decision to insure a transaction; we will present evidence to clear items and deliver that evidence to you. We may also communicate with you throughout the process and we would prefer a single point of contact for each transaction. Though there are times when we may communicate with parties directly with your permission (borrowers, buyers, sellers, agents, lenders, attorneys), our intention is not for us to be the primary point of contact for your clients. Our portal SYNC and our Title Agent Window are there to give you complete transparency so you can communicate quickly and effectively with parties to the transaction.

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