How do we solve problems?

When it comes to clearing title or curing judgments, liens, mortgages, and ownership issues, there isn’t a strong established process in the industry. This keeps us up at night. We hate this, so we’ve changed it.

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Complete clarity for everyone involved

See your entire transaction in real-time from start to forever, the way we see it. Progress, status, documents. Go ahead, look over our shoulder; we have nothing to hide. Encrypted, secure and you’re in control.

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Perception Is Everything: What Do You Actually Do?

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This Startup Combs Through City Data to Get Property Buyers a Better Deal

Matt Einheber's Brixsy is one of the first startups we've seen that's taking advantage of all the property data that the city has released.

Matt Einheber on the Title Process | REI Diamonds

Matt Einheber, of Vista Abstract & Brixsy & Dan Breslin Discuss the Process of Title Work for Investment Property in this podcast.

This Startup Wades Through Public Data to Give Real Estate Investors An Edge

Matt Einheber ran a title insurance agency for 10 years and knows that finding public-record data often means sorting through a “sea of information that’s very disorganized.”

Title Company, Vista Abstract, Now Accepting Bitcoin for Real Estate Purchases

Bitcoin is a digital currency that was born in 2009 amidst the economic crash. It was the brainchild of an anonymous genius named Satoshi Nakamoto who had the goal of creating a payment system that bypasses any intermediary system...the US Treasury is not involved...

I would definitely recommend them for any high-performing real estate or mortgage organization that needs a reliable title agency to get the job done every time.

Transfer is the best title company I have ever worked with. It doesn’t matter if you need to close a loan at 6AM or 11PM, they will always be able to schedule the closing for you.

Transfer continually goes above the call of duty to ensure my client’s closing deadlines are met and they have actually SAVED an unbelievable amount of mortgage loans that could have died by either correcting or overcoming all errors or issues.

Regardless of which team member you are working with, you can expect professionalism and top notch service. I would recommend Transfer to anyone looking to grow their business, they simply get it!

Because of the guidance that I have received from everyone I’ve ever worked with at Transfer, I have learned to always come to them whenever refinancing or buying property. I’d never let anyone else touch my deal.

Matt and his team are nothing but professional and diligent in their work.  They have constant communication with all parties, allowing for a smooth process to get to the closing table. I recommend all of my industry friends to use Transfer, and everyone who has closed a deal with Matt agrees: Transfer makes it easy!  I cannot thank them enough for getting me through my more difficult deals with ease.

Transfer handles all my title work. They are quick, thorough, responsive, and can handle difficult problems.  They understand the entire lifecycle of a real estate transaction from start to finish, and can walk investors like me through the whole process.

Transfer provides quick, thorough and efficient title work.  They are always there when you need them, through thick or thin.

Transfer is the only title company I recommend to my buyers.  Throughout the whole process, Transfer demonstrates nothing but the utmost professionalism and knowledge I depend on.

Jason, Cory, and the entire team made our re-fi a dream. We will definitely return for future financing.

You did a great job of putting everything together under adverse conditions. As a result, you made my job easier. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again.

I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with Transfer! I am always up to date with my transactions and they work very quickly. My questions are always answered and I LOVE the data that is provided.

It started with Matthew answering basic questions and guiding me in the right direction. With that info, I was able to proceed with confidence that your company could help satisfy our needs. Then Danielle got the order, contacted me, and now we’re almost done. Thank you for excellent and efficient customer service.

Jason Ginchereau was AMAZING to work with!! Finally someone with a sense of humor that also has a brain! Our transaction was seriously painless … which doesn’t happen often!! I would recommend Jason & Transfer in a heartbeat!!

Karen was very good to work with. Sometimes, the lender held things up, which wasn’t her fault. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!

I am pleased working with Karen. She has been excellent making sure I have everything I need. Keep up the good work, Karen!

Jason was wonderful to work with. He actually took the time to make sure that I was prepared for certain items contained in the documents to make sure I understood. I was not aware of one of the items that he brought up, and I am extremely grateful to have had him on my team. I have just lost my husband, so I am a little bit of a boat without a rudder. Having someone to help me through this was such a gift. Thank you, Jason! Greatly appreciate your care and thoroughness.

Melissa was such a pleasure to work with; very helpful, knowledgeable, friendly & an enormous amount of patience!!! I only wish she handled all my settlements!

You did an amazing job! I will definitely use you in the future.

Thanks for all your help. It is a breath of fresh air to have a closer who is as responsive as YOU!

The staff was very professional, knowledgeable, and accommodating to needs of the individual. Both Rhett and Jason were responsive and pleasant to deal with through each step of the transaction. Will refer clients and colleagues to use your service.

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